Paula Rego - © N.C.

Paula Rego – © N.C.



Considérée comme l’une des peintres majeures du Portugal, PaulaRego qui expose dans le monde entier est injustement méconnue en France. Né le 26 janvier 1935 à Lisbonne, elle quitte le Portugal et la dictature de Salazar pour faire ses études à Londres où elle vit depuis cinquante ans, tout en séjournant fréquemment au Portugal. Remarquable dessinatrice et coloriste, son œuvre figurative et expressionniste, nourrie d’expériences personnelles et par l’histoire de l’art, est narrative, truculente et incisive. L’artiste s’inspire de contes et évoque aussi la condition féminine dans des scènes dérangeantes qui témoignent de ses fantasmes et de ses révoltes.



Born in 1935, Paula Rego is a British painter and printmaker of Portuguese origin. She left Portugal and Salazar dictatorship to study in London, where she has been living for fifty years. From 1952, Paula Rego attended the Slade School of Art in England, where she met her future husband, the painter Victor Willing. Until 1975, she frequently stayed in Portugal. This period is probably the most important of her life, the one that allowed her to leave her country, and its cultural isolation that time. Remarkable designer and colourist, her work is figurative and expressionist, reminiscent of comic strips, full of personnal experience and nourished by her studies of  Art History. It is narrative, truculent and incisive. The artis was inspired by  fairy tale and also alluded to the status of women in disturbing scenes that reflect her fantasies and revolts. In 1983, Paula Rego became professor at the Slade School of Art. The retrospective of her work was shown at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon and the Serpentine Gallery in London in 1988. The following year, she named for the Turner Prize and a  major painting was acquired by the Tate Gallery in London. In 1990 she appointed to the National Gallery in London as an associate artist. Her works, frequently exhibited are of high quality and always acclaimed by critics . In 2004 in Portugal,  she receved the Grand Cross of the Order of the Sword Sant’Iago. She is made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire on June  2010, for services to art. Considered one of the major painters of Portugal, Paula Rego exhibits worldwideAn entire museum is dedicated to her : La Casa das Histórias in Cascais (Portugal).








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